Moviebox Download for iOS

Do you want to download moviebox for ios to your device like iphone , ipad and other devices.
It is so easy to download.Some of people are confusing between moviebox ipad and moviebox iphone are different. But it is same and they give same movie and tv shows.There is no cost for this app.
You can enjoy by watching your favourite movie without any cost.
Do you want to follow some simple steps to download and installing this app.
Follow carefully and make your moviebox ios in your device.

Steps for Moviebox Download iPhone – Moviebox Download iPad:
Steps to download and install moviebox for iphone/ipad is dead easy.
The process is shown below follow according to the steps
First you need to Download the MovieBox App from here
Moviebox apk
After clicking the link, you will see a screen like the below.
Click on Install App button.
When you click on install button, if it asks you to enter  the password then you need not worry because the password will be shown there
.Now Enter password in the password box.
This app ask passwords for different iOS versions.
Sometimes it don’t ask passwords, If it doesn’t ask any password then directly go to installation of the app.
Follow the instructions.That’s it the app will be installed onto your device.